Hello, writers and readers,

My name is Nichelle Taylor. I am seventeen years old and a resident in Colorado. I am an aspiring author, and I am currently editing my completed novel that explores the idea of proving that you can do anything you set your mind to, something I believe in very passionately. We are constantly underestimated, and our society pushes us away from our dreams and towards what is “real”. I know firsthand that the number of people who tell you something is impossible is astonishing! Sometimes, I have people ask me what I’m planning to do after high school, and I answer immediately, “I’m going to be an author.” I cannot even count the times that they have said in return, “Yeah, but what are you really going to do?” Well, I’m going to be an author. As long as I work hard and pursue my dream, I know I will eventually publish a book. In addition to adding to my writing experience, I wanted to start a blog to show that there are other people attempting to achieve their dreams, and maybe if a seventeen-year-old girl can pursue a writing career, you can do what you want, too. We can make our dreams come true together, and we can all support each other on our journeys.


Let’s have a productive and inspirational year!

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