With the recent dawn of the new year, our society is filled with regret, dreams, and hope. Most of the ideas we have in our heads are inspiring, but some are remorseful. Beginnings are a struggle, and every journey is new, exciting, and intimidating which is why most end only a week after the resolution was made. The germinal career on which I am embarking is something I could easily walk away from. The likelihood of being noticed and published nowadays is slim. The situation is maddening, and it does frighten me to think that my dream could escape me and never be fulfilled. Despite these facts, I am going to begin anyway. No matter how daunting the adventure is, I understand that it is something I must do. Beginnings are often ended too quickly after its conception, and I do not want to regret stopping before I even started. Our society is afraid of rejection, so scared that we stay in a place we do not want to be. Whether this is a job, a town, or a partner we simply do not connect with, we are afraid to let ourselves down and find that this decision led us to a worse position.  We guard our hearts to the death, and unfortunately, it is frequently realized when we near death how we wished we could have done differently. I do not want to be a person with regret at the end. I want to breathe in every moment, like the air I depend on, and never let it out. I will let it fill my lungs, my body, my entity, until I would not exist without it. This is how we should pursue everything, with an open mind and heart, and let it excite you, not intimidate you. The challenge will be difficult to overcome, but it is up to you to push the fear away and preside over your life because it is your life. No matter how new this beginning is, it is worth it, and I hope you will pursue your dreams, too. It is not too late.


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  1. Escidra

    Such a fantastic message. Especially as I approach many new beginnings at once. Such as moving out,graduating, and becoming an adult. I like to say to myself “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” I’m so excited to move in the direction I’m headed!

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  2. Merissa

    Very wise words. I believe this resonates with all of us. To let life pass without risk is listless. I want to live life now, not later. Thank you for your words looking forward to next week.

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