115 Days Left

Before I even begin, I have to clarify that I am beyond behind in my writing. I realized a few days ago that it’s been before school started in August that I wrote last, and that makes me so sad because writing is my passion.

With that being said, as of today, there are 115 days of the school year left. That means that I only have 115 days until I have to really focus on where my life is heading, college and career wise. I know that a constant I want in my life is my writing. My dreams haven’t changed; I still want to be an author and publish my book as soon as possible, but life catches us all off guard sometimes, and with school, homework, searching for a job, and applying for scholarships, I barely have enough time in the day to eat, sleep, and breathe let alone read or write. But nonetheless, I want to continue writing!

So 115 days also represents my newest goal, to finish editing my novel by graduation. If this is the time to plan my life, writing has to be involved. It is important to me and my future, so I have to make time for it! In these 115 days, I’m going to catch up on what I have missed the last 5 months, the feeling I get when I have a story itching to be told.

This is the new beginning, and that starts with making time to write and actually writing on my blog every week (I know; I’ve been a slacker!) Here’s to the writing in the next 115 days!

It’s time to write!

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