It is hard to look in the mirror sometimes and love everything about yourself.

It’s difficult to look at society and love everything about it too.

Sometimes, society shows the darkest of times, where everything is gray and negative, lacking kindness.

This sight does not only reflect what issues we deal with right now, but also how people interact with each other and the planet. Kindness is not just an occasional, “if i feel like it” thing.

Kindness should be an attitude one has towards everyone. Kindness should be included in respect and courtesy.

It should be something we see every time we look in the mirror of society and in ourselves.

If everyone had a mirror that they could see what they put in society, I think many people would take a step back and change how they view the world and the treasures with it.

Our society is sacred because it is what helps human beings connect, be one entity.

Putting negativity in only destroys the connections we make with each other.

Our reflections show the truth; make sure you like what you see.


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