Warmth of Kindness

There’s something comforting in being there for someone in hard times.

Friendship and warmth blossoms out of being helpful for someone else.

There’s a phrase I’ve always pondered: “there’s no such thing as a selfless good deed”.

There’s been many debates about it, whether or not any good deeds are selfless, and to this, I would say, they really are not.

I would love to say that good deeds can be selfless because that’s what they, theoretically, should be. But even if you give up your life to save someone else, it makes you feel good to save them, therefore, making it selfless because you feel good.

There’s a special emotion that comes through you when you are kind to other people, which is why I don’t understand how some people are not kind.

The comfort and warmth of kindness makes me want to be nothing less.

Being kind makes you feel good, and even though that makes it “selfish”, kindness is the one thing we should all share in community.

We are allowed to feel good by making other people feel good.

There’s a warmth in kindness everyone should feel, on the receiving end and the giving end.

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