Double Vision 2020-Present (Currently Writing)


True Power 2018-Present (Currently Querying)

Tris yearns for an escape into a normal life, something quite different than her reality. After years of suffering from their abusive parents, Tris and her brothers struggle with accepting their own identities and defining their family and personal values. After an accidental injury leaves her with a concussion, Tris finds herself stuck with the power to see the worst thing that will ever happen to someone, whether it be in the past or future, just by briefly touching them. Between the distrust and misfortune, Tris must seek purpose for her newfound ability, learning more about herself, her family, and the true power of empathy.

Undeniably Underestimated 2014-2018 (Pause in Editing)

A secret could often cost your life, and for Cali Lane, a teenager well-versed in the art of lying, she understands that better than anyone. In a small town, where gossip spreads like wild fire, Cali hides behind her seemingly normal life to conceal the secret she is forced to keep, one that is not even hers, one that could get her killed if she ever let it out. After a year of lies and betrayals, the Secret becomes more difficult to keep.  If someone were to discover the Secret, Cali’s life would be in imminent danger. After she receives a worrisome note, Cali runs in a panic to the sanctuary of the woods, a way to keep herself safe. But as she tries to hide, she finds herself deeper in the web of secrets, discovering that not everything is what it seemed.

And it appears that she was not alone in keeping the Secret, but can she really trust anyone? What else could be hiding in the woods?