My Fictitious World

In every fictitious world, we are presented with a gloomy setting, a village in desperate need of rescuing, and a hero whose courage and compassionate nature win over our hearts. In some worlds, we fight swashbuckling pirates, and elsewhere, we fall in love with our perfect pair. In some, we battle monsters, and others, we conquer ourselves.

Reality is not much different. We each have our own demons, and we fight for something important to us. We choose our own adventures, and we stick by them until the end.

I believe that there is nothing more important in our world than love, kindness, and the simple, beautiful arrangement of humanity. As I chase my dream of becoming a novelist, I plan to prove that kindness is not only a necessity to our society, but a part of our skin and blood–what makes us human.

While some may see this as a naive perspective, an impossible endeavor, I urge them to take a step back, analyze the battles for which they fight, and decide where they stand.

After all, if you think that hatred is stronger than kindness, that love for each other cannot solve many of our contemporary problems, then you may just be in a world of fiction yourself.